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So This Is How It Ends

by Kaethe Butcher
Grandpa’s words

Work while you work

and play while you play

that is the way

to be happy and gay

Anonymous: your work is absolutely amazing! what technique are you using? Do you edit your drawings digitally?

thanks my lovely Anon! I dunno ,what did you mean with technique? I’m drawing with pencils and edding. And yes I edit the black areas.

lambandtheknife: i love your art! is your use of black on yellow a style choice or?

Hey Lovely <3

Yes it is. Has a little bit Grunge Style for me ;) But the paper is light yellow, so it’s also a choice of the paper. I cannot draw on white paper - mystery!

paintgods: Where do you get your inspiration when you make these illustrations?

Hey my dear! <3

umm from music, lyrics, words, personal stuff, emotions, art, thoughts, questions.

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Fantasies Tote Bag 

by Kaethe Butcher

If someone likes to fantasize with books &lt;3
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by Kaethe Butcher
takeonlymemories: Absolutely amazing illustrations! Do you use ink or are your drawings done digitally?

Thank you my dear 🐰🐙💓
I’m working with Fineliner, Eddings and pencils( 2h - 8b) :)

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by Kaethe Butcher
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Is There Any Prob? TOTE BAG