Kaethe Butcher's Illustrations

Kaethe Butcher's Illustrations

Heyho I'm Kaethe Butcher, 24, living in Berlin. I like to share some of my Illustrations and Polaroids with you :) So enjoy! Contact: Kaethe.Butcher@gmx.de
Hello dear, just discovered your artwork and I love it! Your line drawings are inspirational, and I like how you use words and queer content (basically, Yay lesbians 😂) xx

Hihi yay! Thank you lovely girl for such sweet words :)

you're welcome! you can convey emotions through your drawings and that's awesome. I just discovered you yesterday and I must say that you're such an ispiration and talented (:

Convey emotions through my drawings is all what I wanted, so for me this is a real compliment. 

Thank you!

you're amazing, I adore your illustrations! few of the reminds me of me and my ex girlfriend ❤️

thank you sweetheart! I appreciate this :) hopefully these few doesn’t make you too melancholic.

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